Stainless steel structures

We build structures and architectural hardware made of stainless steel, of any design and complexity.

Our engineers can procure a solution to fulfill most sophisticated and special technical objectives. We possess modern welding equipment and metal-working machinery to manufacture these articles.

Stainless steel has two very essential merits: outstanding rustproof quality and nice look. These two qualities ensure strong demand for articles made of this particular material.

We offer:

  • entry elements;
  • front design elements;
  • landscape design elements;
  • industrial products;
  • decorative and constructional steelworks;
  • retail equipment;
  • interior objects;
  • original and exclusive solutions.

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Concrete ware

Currently, concrete enjoys much popularity as one of basic materials for landscaping and amenities. Almost a half of hardscaping today is made of concrete, according to experts; the material occupying rightful place among many others.

Mainadvantages of concrete compared to other materials are those of affordability, workability, strength and longevity. The strength and density of concrete can be adjusted subject to the planned uses of articles made of it. The application of modern polymer additives, pigments, and various methods for machining concrete surfaces help achieve the appealing appearance of concrete ware.

We offer:

  • curbingfor paved walkways and grounds;
  • landscaping hardware (ornamental urns, flowerpots and planters);
  • concrete ware for country mansions (fencing, steps, house basement);
  • concrete ware for parks and recreational areas (urns, benches, planters of any design);
  • concrete ware for outdoor pools (concrete lining areas).

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