Remote engineering

The rapid development of modern communications has made possible what previously could only dream of. Remote engineering– it is a completely new form of cooperation between the customer and the designer!

Our team of specialists can perform the design of objects of any complexity – like in the development stages at the request of the customer, and in full.

With the help of the Internet and the program Skype, we will contact the customer to arrange the project details to get a detailed technical assignment. Based on technical specifications, will developing conceptual solution, after approving the Customer comes into the design process.

All project documentation is made in accordance with the standards of the country of the customer.

Technical inspection of emergency facilities

Garant Company provides services for technical inspection of objects through remote access.

Garant Company provides services for technical inspection of buildings and facilities. Inspection of buildings – a necessary procedure for determining the technical state of the building.

Based on the results of technical inspection can assess the suitability of the object for further operation, reconstruction conditions, and develop solutions to restore or strengthen bearing structures if necessary.

Garant Company provides services for technical inspection of objects, damaged as a results of the fighting and the man-made or natural disaster (hurricane, explosion, fire, earthquake, flood, etc.), in order to establish the possibility of further safe operation of the building and the development of measures to strengthen and repair of damaged structures;

For a preliminary diagnosing of buildings, we need only high-quality photos and blueprints with cuts. During settlements, need the technical specifications of materials and components from which the object was built.


Garant Company – an expert who offers complete outsourcing services in various technical fields.

High-tech processes should be perform only by professionals who have the necessary experience and competence.

 Garant Company has a staff of employees who will develop the project in a complex or some of its sections at the highest level.

Outsourcing services from Garant Company:

  • complex design of facilities of any complexity, including a public buildings a residential and industrial buildings, engineering constructions;
  • planning reconstruction of buildings;
  • designing of bearing elements of buildings and constructions;
  • technical inspection of facilities;
  • development of technical solutions for strengthening or restore of bearing constructions;
  • other architectural services; Creation of projects in 3D, BIM 3D;
  • design;
  • advising in choosing the optimal technical solutions;
  • analysis and checking of technical solutions of other developers;
  • thermotechnical calculation of parameters of buildings and constructions of any appointment, the development of energy-saving measures.

All services are provide remotely through the Internet. We are ready to cooperate with customers both in the CIS and Europe.

Reinforcement of building constructions and foundations

Experts of the Garant Company are ready to develop technical solutions and technologies for strengthening constructions and foundations of buildings and facilities.

All complex of methods will be documented.

Consulting services

In the design process there is a large amount of complex issues. Best of all, if the answer to these questions will be highly qualified specialists, who are employees of the Garant Company, because errors and blunders at the design stage often lead to significant financial losses.

Today our company provides such consultancy services:

  • Assistance at a choice of optimal technical solutions;
  • Analysis and checking of project decisions of other developers;
  • consultations on energy efficiency;
  • Engineering;
  • consultations on reconstruction and rehabilitation of buildings.

Calculation of of bearing structures

Garant Company provides services for the design and calculation of the bearing capacity of building constructions and their elements.

All calculations of bearing structures of buildings are made using a plurality of program complexes with check the results.